A lot.

If you’ve started to treat your ADHD symptoms, you may have started to feel encouraged by improved daily results, better ability to focus, remember, and finish things.

But sometimes it gets worse before it gets better. Maybe after a little while you see yourself making some of the same mistakes with people that you made before the meds kicked in.

Maybe you’re surprised to hear people saying you’re inflexible, inconsiderate, selfish, immature, or just plain rude.

If you find yourself acting out problem patterns with people at work, or in your personal life, you may be dealing with self-defeating patterns and emotional blocks.

In this category, my two biggest challenges are fear and mistrust. When I join a new team or start a new friendship, it is not long before these two threads begin to show up in my interactions with others. The problem is, my relationship with fear and mistrust is so ingrained, I don’t notice their influence until I’ve already set things in motion.

When I explained this to my psychologist, he asked me to study ACE. Which I did.

My recommendation: If you’re stuck in negative patterns that baffle you in relationships, take the ACE evaluation and get your ACE score. It’s free and simple. Then get your resiliency score.

Then start working on your deep seated stuff. If your ACE score is 4 or higher, you might be in for some internal work to identify emotional blocks that underlie your self-defeating patterns.

To be Continued.

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