Diagnosis and treatment are the two steps that must be in place if you want to actually have a chance at recovering from the effects of this neuro-developmental disorder.

Third step: Recovery. This is where you come in. You do not have to do this without help, but you do have to be the driver. You’re in luck though, because you have people like me to help you right now.

Who am I? An ADHDer who spent decades learning how to drive behavior change for individuals and large organizations before learning hard lessons about the cost of ignoring my own mental hygiene. Then I applied all that experience to build a personalized change program to address my unique set of ADHD challenges.

Since I’ve found what works for me, I share it on my blog. You can try out my tools, use what works, and leave what doesn’t.

The first thing I put in place after beginning treatment was a morning ritual that I do 6 of every 7 days to improve my mood, memory, and focus. Looking back on more than a year of regular practice, I can see that this daily habit has paid off in ways I never could have imagined.

But after more than a year, I don’t have to imagine. I’ve made a list of concrete benefits:

1. Income way up

2. Mood much steadier

3. Memory massively improved

4. Much better able to focus on things I choose

5. Increased confidence

6. Radical reduction in primal fear from being surprised by dropped balls, unmet obligations, and broken commitments.

7. The beginnings of belief I can actually change the things I most want to change

8. Ability to feel hope

9. No longer panicked I’m going to forget something when it occurs to me, I don’t have to jump up and take action

10. No longer exhausted all the time from trying to medicate my inattentive brain using sugar, over exercise, or manufactured stress.

With proper diagnosis and treatment in place, you can start on building your own recovery today. It’s free, and takes about half an hour. You’ve probably wasted many hours chasing your ADHD tail, or spacing out, or both. 

Download this one-pager and transform the next hour, your day, and all the rest of them.

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