Ray Kurzweil, who inspired the creation of the bots that will incorrectly flag this story as an AI article, uses a powerful thought exercise to improve his writing.

I heard about this exercise from Tom, my emotional-support Canadian. Ok, he’s my ADHD Coach.

I asked him for advice on how to ensure that my book Bull in a Candy Store meets two critical tests:

A. Lives up to my hopes for originality, usefulness, and quality of presentation.

B. Actually gets written.

Apparently, during the final edit, Kurzweil assembles a post-publication panel of experts in his mind and invites them to fire questions about his shiny new book. He writes these down and tries to answer each one before going to press.

When I heard this a few weeks ago, I knew this could help me. Also, I had no idea who to put on the panel.

I now had a new barometer of progress: How specific is my Kurtzweil panel?

(So far, they’re mostly dead folks like Anthony Bourdain and James Harriot.)

Another thing I did not know: that #ship30for30 would give me a terrific experience assembling and working with walking, talking experts for my online writing.

Most importantly, they have given me much better odds that I will meet test B and actually write this thing.

Name your big current project: Have you left out any advisors simply because they’re no longer sucking air?

FML. I just spent 45 minutes re-inventing the WWJD? Bumper sticker.

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