“Daddy, say the thing.”

My daughter had just turned 14. I was charmed that she remembered our birthday ritual.

I turned to her and said “Part of you will always be 13.”

BTW: I know this topic is all over the place, but I like this version. I will try it again sometime soon.

Every ADHDer goes through a rose-colored phase. (Ok, not me.)

“It’s a SUPERPOWER! It makes me who I AM! Those neuro-typicals don’t know what they’ve missed!”

Day 4 of #ship30for30, with no idea what to write, I did reach for one of my compensation tactics:

I know I just when to be irritating.

I have a knack for indelicate questions, conversational swerves; an almost tantric avoidance of boredom.

It’s like a superpower, if that superpower also made you fall asleep at the wheel going 60 and nearly die, or get fired for threatening to chop the CTO’s legs off, or if it took 13 years off your life expectancy.

Also, every morning I sit down and practice penmanshit.

My routine includes 30 breaths, 3 pages of longhand journaling, and a bit of copying.

I started it to improve my handwriting, using whatever was around: Dickenson’s crystalline verses, Plato’s expansive dialogs, a few of Paul’s letters.

Nowadays, Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras are on heavy rotation. I always find new insights, inspirations, and things to try out.

Atrocious handwriting notwithstanding, I have slowed down when taking in information. I’m a better listener, a better learner.

I feel comforted to know that no matter how dramatically my recovery improves my life, part of me will always be…

Illegibly irritating.

The point is, I built copying into my day-starter to avoid the problem I’ve run into before when I’ve done mprning pages – namely, if I’m not careful, I’ll wind up using journalling to reinforce stale thinking. Adding the copying is meant to provide fresh air, fresh input, new ideas, to the stream.

Recovering ADHDers – have you built a day-starter ritual? What do you do?

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