What is Trenchmind?

A soul-infection chartacterized by gradual loss of joy and fluidity, especially in activities associated with growth, creativity, and fun.


1. Shut up, I’m digging. Trenchmind is easier for others to notice. When they do, it makes you bitchy.

2. This used to be fun. Exercising because it feels so good when you stop.

3. The dance of death. In a relationship, having the same arguments over and over.

Can be a warning sign

It can hit when you’re toiling at something you’ve never liked, and it may signal that you’re about to flip the table on an unworkable situation you don’t know how to exit more gracefully.

Seems to strike unfairly

But it can also sneak in after you’ve made some progress, creating a new morning routine, building in a workout, or even working regularly on creativity.

Danger: Trenchmind thrives while ignored

It can last for days or even years, causing you to exercise past exhaustion or injury, or toiling at a job you’ve outgrown. It kills relationships.

There is hope: It’s treatable, but once you’ve had it, expect regular relapses.

What to do the MINUTE you recognize the signs

A: Take a timed break. A week off.

B: Use that time to spend 45 minutes alone every day.

C: Come back with some refresh moves.

Ever had Trenchmind?

When did you recognize it?

What did you do to cure it?

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