These days when I’m silent or quiet, it’s not because I’ve forgotten about y’all, it’s because I’m busy putting into practice something I learned.

To wit, building a morning exercise routine I can and will actually do, that I can fit into the part of my day I own before the moths of necessity have their way with my priorities.

This past month, I’ve been building a workout routine into my morning, and though I’ve continued to follow my Journal/Copy/Breathe practice, I have not been able to compress time into some Tenet-styled bidirectional phenomenon such that I could:

  • Post an essay from the future while 
  • doing stair laps in the present while
  • journaling sweatily about the past and also
  • making sure to vary and adapt my exercise so I don’t fall into the usual trap of overtraining in one mode until forced to stop from injury

The book I’ve been drafting is presenting itself in a three-threaded structure, where Journal – Copy – Breathe correspond to Past- Future – Present. I’ve been using this particular day-starter for almost two years now, thrashing around my backyard with it like a mortar and pestle, digging out secrets and wafting creepy spells from the ether, evicting bad habits, disbarring former selves, illuminating blind spots. I hope offering it to the world will teach me things I don’t know how to ask about.

I’ve now found an illustrator to help me make it a reality.

Now that you’ve ganged up and helped me get back off the sidelines, I’m going to be back posting again semi-regularly. Book will be out by end of September.

Please email me if you want to join my early-reviewers group.

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