You may want a coach, but until you have the snap on hand, there are plenty of free resources

  1. If you’re in Oregon – Oregon health shares ( is free, and it covered my visits to Northwest ADHD (, including visits with a Psychologist and a Nurse Practitioner, and also covered the cost of my meds.

Check in your area – you may be surprised at what is available!

  1. My recommended first step for ADHD: a day-starter ritual:
  2. I like text: I share tips on ADHD regularly at
  3. ADHD brains need to anchor in the body. Check out Yoga with Adriene ( ) She puts terrific classes online for free. I am in love with her dog Benji, who is usually laying on the floor ignoring her while she teaches. It’s hilarious.
  4. Some twitter accounts I get a lot from:

5. If you like podcasts, A Have ADHD from Kristin Carder is great:

5. If you like short punchy videos, Jessica has been cranking them out for a long time:

Your turn: Share your tips and resources for newly diagnosed ADHDers.

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