I think my book Bull in a Candy Store is going to need illustrations. I know a few writers who’ve worked with graphic artists, but I have no idea how to find one.

As a fan of James Altucher, I made a list of ways I could learn about this. Somewhere down the list was “Ask Coco”. My 14-yr-old daughter is pretty serious about learning to draw, design, paint. This kid creates constantly. She made a dragon out of green beans on her plate once.

Plus, I taught her guitar so she sort of owes me.

I had spent enough time thinking about this to know I needed to answer two questions:

A. How do you find an illustrator to work with?

B. How do you work with an illustrator, assuming one of these can be found?

After 20 minutes, I knew I needed to learn more about A before I try to solve B.

She began by telling me she’s learned through her online art communities there are Three Things Not to Do with an Illustrator.

1. Expect instant turnaround

2. Expect it to be perfect the first time

3. Provide almost no detail to begin with

Bonus Thing Not to Do: Ask your illustrator to draw furry porn. Gross.

A few years ago, I learned that playing ping pong was a great way to get kids talking.

I can now see that active curiosity, especially with a purpose, is a great next step.

Time to get the guitars out!

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